On The Road to Wellness Peer Support Videos

On The Road to Wellness Peer Support

Here’s our new Promo Video! The voices you’ll hear are from our members, and they bear witness that Intentional Peer Support .. Works!! Let us know what you think, and please … SHARE!!…#OTRTW #recovery #wellness #mentalhealth #support #manchester #derry #peer #loftlight

Posted by On the Road to Wellness on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Testimonials on Peer Support Success

Personal Testimonies!! 3-Min Video!!! Intentional Peer Support is a valuable tool in the mental health system’s tool-box. It’s warm, relational, and provides the kind of support that leaves a person genuinely feeling connected.Intentional Peer Support (IPS) is a process where two people (or a group) use the relationship to look at things from new angles, develop greater awareness of personal and relational patterns, and to support and challenge each other as we try new things. IPS has been used in crisis respite, among peers, mental health professionals, families, friends and community-based organizations.IPS is different from traditional service relationships because:It doesn’t start with the assumption of “a problem.” Instead we are taught to listen for how and why each of us has learned to make sense of our experiences, and then create new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.Peer Support relationships are viewed as partnerships that enable both parties to learn and grow rather than as one person needing to “help” another.Instead of focusing on what we need to stop or avoid doing, we focus on creating a new future. With Intentional Peer Support, there is no helper and person being helped. It’s a we-and-us environment as opposed to me-and-you.

Posted by On the Road to Wellness on Wednesday, May 1, 2019